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The Africa Supply Chain Excellence Awards celebrates organisations excelling in Supply Chain Management in Africa. The organisations who work throughout the supply chain profession have a unique view on what makes the world go around. Managing a supply chain is so much more than moving goods and is a complex role within any organisation to ensure its success and relevance in this volatile world we live in.

The Africa Supply Chain Excellence Awards has been set up as a not-for-profit entity.  It is the firm objective that funds be raised by the Awards and associated events to go towards the creation of sustainable bursary opportunities for worthy individuals looking for supply chain education opportunities.

The first year of the Awards initiative was very successful. Read the Press Release

In 2022, 67 entries were received, 22 of which were from out of South Africa. The level of the entrants from the 19 finalists was very high.  

92 entries were received from 26 countries in 2023.

Vision & Mission

Through introducing the Supply Chain Excellence awards we aim to:

  • Facilitate/promote economic growth on the African continent through fostering and promoting globally competitive supply chains.

  • Raise the operating standards of all key players/operators to enable globally competitive/efficient supply chains.

  • To advance the supply chain profession (through collaboration and awareness creation).

  • Promote the creation of responsible and sustainable supply chains, as well as Industry benchmarking.

  • Look at supply chain management holistically and all the components of a globally competitive supply chain.

By the Industry, For the industry

  • Recognise excellence in supply chains through annual awards.

  • Support industry operators to improve their standards of performance through:

    • Best practice sharing (case studies; facilitated collaboration forums)

    • Networking

    • Access to tools, methodologies etc. (e.g., green supply chain)

    • Supply chain management focus

  • A holistic approach to foster industry collaboration (e.g., multi modal, intermodal collaboration)

Why Africa?

The African free trade agreement has come into effect unlocking the movement of goods and services throughout the continent. Whilst there are still many challenges and obstacles to overcome, it will potentially unlock a market of over 1.3 billion people with an estimated GDP of over US$2.6 - $4 trillion.

The objectives of the agreement are to: 

  • Initiative a single market, deepening economic integration of the continent.

  • Promote the movement of capital and people, encouraging investment.

  • Enhance competitiveness of member states within Africa and the global market.

  • Encourage Industrial development through diversification and regional value chain development, agricultural development and food security.

  • Eliminate import tariffs on 97% of goods traded on the continent.


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