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Martin Bailey

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Martin is a Professional Engineer and has 40 years’ experience in developing logistic systems.  He has a Master’s degree in Engineering (Mechanical & Industrial) and  has undertaken hundreds of facilities development projects in the Logistics industry for most of the leading industrial, mining, cargo, courier and retail groups (in South Africa and internationally). 


Martin has lectured throughout the world and has a passion for education and building world class infrastructures.

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Mike Johnston



Logistics Management cc

Involved in the Transport, Distribution, Logistics & Supply Chain Industries since 1974 as a Line Manager, Consultant & Trainer.

 Member of ASCM, SAPICS & CSCMP.


Gavin Kelly

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Gavin has been involved in the resource, strategy and operations field for 32 years – from operations leadership, coordination and training to leadership development, lateral management, operations and business survival training.

Gavin is currently finalizing appointment as a SACAS qualified auditor for the ISO39001, ISO4500 and SANS1395, SANS15004 range of standards.

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Dr Juanita Maree

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Juanita Maree was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the South Africa Association of Freight Forwarders from 1 September 2021.


Juanita is regarded as a passionate ‘Captain of Industry’ in the logistics field and is active at all levels of Customs-related organisational entities, nationally and internationally. Her PhD subject “An impact analysis of the customs risk management processes in South Africa”, is evidence of this passion.


Garry Marshall

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Garry Marshall has worked in the Logistics Industry, specifically related to courier and aviation, for the last forty years.

Having worked for several airlines, including a stint in the Air Force, he has been the CEO of Bidair Cargo for the last 13 years. Bidair Cargo is a domestic airline which operates a fleet of Boeing 737 freighters on overnight express routes serving the courier industry.

He was a founding director of courier service XPS (a market leader in the eighties), and brought express giant FedEx to South Africa in the nineties, where he was CEO for 12 years. He spent a year in Mumbai, India, involved in the privatization of that airport.

In 2004 he was appointed CEO of the South African Express Parcel Association (SAEPA), the voice of the South African Courier industry, a position which he still holds today. Passionate about training and people development,  he has been deeply involved in the design and evolution of the da Vinci Supply Chain program.