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*The Judges may amend the categories from time to time. The Judges have the right to move entries into other categories if they feel it appropriate. The entrants will be advised accordingly

Demand Planning & Management

This category acknowledges initiatives that redefine how organisations respond to market demands.  It celebrates meticulous strategies, innovative practices and a commitment to excellence in demand planning.  Finalists will need to showcase effective integration of technology and collaborative methodologies to navigate demand fluctuations and demonstrate measurable impact on reducing costs, optimizing inventory and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Procurement & Supply Management

The category will commend exceptional strategies that redefine procurement and supply chain practices.  Initiatives that optimize sourcing, procurement processes and supply chain operations will be celebrated.  Finalists will be expected to showcase effective integration of technology, sustainability and collaborative processes that highlight the future of procurement and supply chain management.

Manufacturing & Production Management

This accolade will celebrate excellence through the implementation of advanced technologies, streamlined operations and commitment to quality standards.  The finalists will be expected to demonstrate tangible impacts on cost effectiveness, production scalability and overall operational excellence.

Inventory, Warehousing & Distribution Management

This category will recognize excellence in optimizing inventory, warehousing and distribution practices.  It will honour initiatives that showcase innovation, efficiency and sustainability in managing supply chain assets.  The finalists will have demonstrated measurable impacts on cost reduction, inventory accuracy and overall distribution efficiency.

Transport (all modes & intermodal)

This category will honour outstanding achievements in revolutionizing transportation practices across various modes.  Nominees will be encouraged to demonstrate tangible impacts on cost-effectiveness, delivery reliability and overall transportation efficiency.

Sponsored by: Southern African Association of Freight Forwarders

International Trade

This category will recognise positive effort, specialist expertise and success in promoting and facilitating international trade between countries either within Africa, or between Africa and the rest of the World. The creation of a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage in international trading.

Technology Information Systems & Related Fields

In this category the judges will be looking for groundbreaking achievements in leveraging technology for supply chain innovation.  They will want to recognize initiatives that showcase excellence in information systems, data analytics and related field.  Nominees will be asked  demonstrate mastery in adopting cutting-edge technologies, enhancing visibility and optimising supply chain processes.  Finalists will need to exhibit measurable impacts on efficiency gain, data-driven decision-making and overall technological advancements.

Sponsored by: CEVA Logistics

Supply Chain Co-ordination and Collaboration

Seamless collaboration and co-ordination are essential across supply chain networks.  Entrants into this category will be asked to showcase examples of excellence in building strong partnerships, enhancing communication and promoting integration.  Nominees will be asked to demonstrate mastery in aligning stakeholders, opitmising processes and driving collective efficiency.  Finalists will be able to demonstrate tangible impacts on supply chain responsiveness, cost-effectiveness and overall collaborative success.

Innovation & Change Management

This category celebrates trailblazing achievements in redefining supply chain practices.  Nominees will be encouraged to showcase excellence in innovation, adaptability and transformative change.  Groundbreaking strategies, leveraging emerging technologies and fostering a culture of continuous improvement are encouraged.

Sponsored by: The Road Freight Association

Training & Talent Management

The outstanding achievements in optimizing all facets of staff-related issues within the supply chain will be celebrated. Nominees will need to demonstrate mastery in fostering a collaborative and skilled workforce, emphasizing employee growth and ensuring diversity and inclusion.  The finalists in this category must exhibit measurable impacts on staff satisfaction, skill enhancement and overall talent management effectiveness.

Sponsored by: IMM Institute

Preservation of the Environment

This category will highlight outstanding achievements in sustainable supply chain practices.  Initiatives that showcase environmental stewardship, resource efficiency and econ-friendly operations will be encouraged.  Particular focus will be on projects that reduce ecological footprints, adopt green technologies and promote responsible sourcing.  Finalists of this category will be able to demonstrate measurable impacts on environmental conservation, carbon footprint reduction and overall supply chain practices.

Unique Supply Chain Projects

This category is specifically designed to recognise those “once-off” complex supply chain related projects that come around every so often, but are not part of routine “business-as-usual”. Examples are: the World Cup (e.g. soccer, cricket or rugby), the Cape Epic Cycle Race, the South African Formula-e Grand Prix or an exceptional Abnormal/Project Load.

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