An Introduction | Africa Supply Chain Excellence Awards

The Africa Supply Chain Excellence Awards strives to celebrate organisations and individuals excelling in Supply Chain Management in Africa. The organisations and individuals who work throughout the supply chain profession have a unique view on what makes the world go around. Managing a supply chain is so much more than moving goods and is a complex role within any organisation to ensure its success and relevance in this volatile world we live in.

VISION Through introducing the Supply Chain Excellence awards we aim to:

  • Facilitate / promote economic growth on the African continent through fostering and promoting globally competitive supply chains.

  • Raise the operating standards of all key players / operators to enable globally competitive / efficient supply chains.

  • To advance the supply chain profession (through collaboration and awareness creation).

  • Promote the creation of responsible and sustainable supply chains, as well as Industry benchmarking.

  • Look at supply chain management holistically and all the components of a globally competitive supply chain.

MISSION By the Industry, For the industry

  • Recognise excellence in supply chains through annual awards.

  • Support industry operators to improve their standards of performance through:

  • Best practice sharing (case studies; facilitated collaboration forums)

  • Networking

  • Access to tools, methodologies etc. (e.g., green supply chain)

  • Supply chain management focus

  • Holistic approach to foster industry collaboration (e.g., multi modal, intermodal collaboration)


The African free trade agreement has come into effect unlocking the movement of goods and services throughout the continent. Whilst there are still many challenges and obstacles to overcome, it will potentially unlock a market of over 1.3 billion people with an estimated GDP of over US$2.6 -4 trillion.

The objectives of the agreement are to:

  • Initiative a single market, deepening economic integration of the continent.

  • Promote the movement of capital and people, encouraging investment.

  • Enhance competitiveness of member states within Africa and the global market.

  • Encourage Industrial development through diversification and regional value chain development, agricultural development and food security.

  • Eliminate import tariffs on 97% of goods traded on the continent.

THE WHAT (the business plan)

The business plan rests on the following key pillars:


It is extremely important that the awards are housed in a sustainable organisational structure. To this end, a Non-profit organisation has been established with the founder members from Upavon event management and Ecotegrity Consulting and Communications (Pty) Ltd. Members representing associations involved and founder members (Upavon Management, Jenny and Clive Froome and team and Ecotegrity, Liesl De Wet) will ultimately form the board, presided over by a chairman with a supporting operating structure.

Operating structure – key roles and responsibilities

  • Board / Judges

  • Head of operations

  • Support services (Marketing & Events; Finance; Fundraising; Sales, admin etc)

Underpinning everything we do, are two main principles:

  • For the betterment of the industry

  • Representation of all supply chain management stakeholders.

Principles that both founding members are passionate about and the primary driver for the collaboration and start of the Africa Supply Chain Excellence Awards initiative.

Marketing and communications

The awards will be looking at a target audience comprising of all stakeholders within the supply chain management ambient, including: Logistics operators (SCM/FFW/C-Suite)

  • Transporters

  • Rail/air/sea operators

  • Service providers to the industry(IT/technology, Green/sustainability, MHE, IP/Consulting, training and development, marketing practitioners, risk management specialists)

We are pleased to announce association participation currently confirmed from SAEPA, the RFA and CSCMP SA Chapter.

Critical is building a credible, industry recognised brand.

It is important to note that this is not just about the awards event but the journey to the final event, actioning our vision and mission, for the betterment of the industry through information sharing.

Sponsorship packages

A variety of attractive sponsorship packages are available. For more information on sponsorship packages please contact Clare Fincham. or 073 613 3670


The final format of the awards event is currently unfinalised due to the current COVID pandemic and lockdown. We would prefer to host a real live event, but if this is not possible at the time, the awards will be hosted on-line. The earmarked date for the plan is for the awards to take place is 10th February 2022. It is envisioned that the awards continue annually.

Below is a list of the type of categories that are planned. The Judging Panel will play an integral part in finalising the categories as well as finalising of the judging criteria and terms of reference that will govern the judging committee. Frameworks will be made available to judges to work from.

Breaking Borders Award: Freight forwarding focused, rewarding innovation and excellence in this field.

Covid Champion Award: Supply chains have come under the spotlight during the COVID pandemic. Moving goods, medicines, PPE, and machines and more recently vaccines to people in countries around the world have been challenging during this time.

Excellence In Supply Chain Education and Youth Programmes: Whilst this is a drum that has been beaten a lot in the past, empowering the upcoming generation of supply chain professionals is still a passion for many in this space and an area that needs a lot of attention if we are going to continue to develop and implement globally competitive supply chains.

Innovation And Transformation in Supply Chain Projects/Operations: Project based or partner collaborations etc, award recipients would have to have been innovative in applying supply chain methodologies or implementing new ones, to achieve supply chain transformation (financial/operational etc).

Judges spotlight award: This is awarded to a project or entry that the judges feel deserve a special recognition, cutting edge, trail blazing innovation that is aligned to the ethos of the awards, for the betterment of the industry, on a pioneering scale.

Responsible Sourcing and Procurement Award: An important component to any supply chain and one that is not always given the attention it deserves. We will have to work with the industry experts/association (CIPS) in this field with regards criteria etc.

Supply Chain Sustainability Award: Sustainable business practices have become as important as the creation of shareholder returns, and whilst this may impact operations in the short term, the implementation of environmentally sound processes will provide incalculable benefits in the long term in terms of cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Supply Chain Digital and Innovation: The role of technology in the supply chain, linked to the 4th industrial revolution, technology advancements, automation etc. does not just talk to technology but how it is implemented to achieve results. (a sponsor has been confirmed for this category).

Trailblazing Collaborations Award: Looking at collaborations that have made a trailblazing difference.

The Future of Transport Award: This will be the transport award category.

SME category: Africa is known for its innovation in the entrepreneurial space, it would be great to create an award category for smaller companies/projects to compete.

Lifetime Achievement Award: recognition of specific person in the industry, like a Lifetime Achievers’ Award

Women in Supply Chain Management award: we would be remiss not to look at including this for inclusion

Association Specific Award: for e.g. – the Supply Chain Management Education Excellence Award run by SAPICS. The idea here is to promote our associations as well and link into their award programmes.

In Conclusion, key to everything we do:

We are currently living in unprecedented times, business as usual is no longer and this has created a lot of uncertainty but conversely a lot of opportunity. The Africa Supply Chain Excellence awards is not just about an awards event. It is for the betterment of the supply chain industry.

About the Founding Partners

Ecotegrity Consulting and Communications was founded by Liesl De Wet who is an experienced climate reality leader and sustainability thinker with particular experience in the logistics sector in South Africa. Ecotegrity prides itself in assisting companies and management teams to achieve their sustainability efforts and goals through:

  • Thorough Industry knowledge and expertise on the topic (over 15 years of experience in corporate sustainability programmes), with a focus on Green transport (Freight) and green supply chains.

  • Strong Marketing and communication experience

  • Application of business coaching expertise to empower teams and sustainability leaders within the organization.

  • Setting up for success: ensure the fundamentals are in place in terms of reporting and data capturing and aligning policies, strategy etc.

Upavon Management is a vibrant organisation that offers strong day to day event and general management of associations, institutions and volunteer run programmes. For over 25 years Upavon achieves the greatest success by being the leaders in professional association and event management on both a local and global perspective. Upavon was formed in 1995 in South Africa by Clive and Jenny Froome and was founded as a company to deal specifically with conference, events and incentive travel as well as the day-to-day management of Professional Associations.

For more information regarding the Africa Supply Chain Excellence Awards please contact:

Liesl on +27 (0) 82 923 0559

Clare on +27 (0)73 613 3670

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