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Vision & Mission

The Africa Supply Chain Excellence Awards strives to celebrate organisations excelling in Supply Chain Management in Africa. The organisations who work throughout the supply chain profession have a unique view on what makes the world go around. Managing a supply chain is so much more than moving goods and is a complex role within any organisation to ensure its success and relevance in this volatile world we live in.

VISION Through introducing the Supply Chain Excellence awards we aim to:

  • Facilitate / promote economic growth on the African continent through fostering and promoting globally competitive supply chains.

  • Raise the operating standards of all key players / operators to enable globally competitive / efficient supply chains.

  • To advance the supply chain profession (through collaboration and awareness creation).

  • Promote the creation of responsible and sustainable supply chains, as well as Industry benchmarking.

  • Look at supply chain management holistically and all the components of a globally competitive supply chain.


  • Recognise excellence in supply chains through annual awards.

  • Support industry operators to improve their standards of performance through:

    • Best practice sharing (case studies; facilitated collaboration forums)

    • Networking

    • Access to tools, methodologies etc. (e.g., green supply chain)

    • Supply chain management focus

    • Holistic approach to foster industry collaboration (e.g., multi modal, intermodal collaboration)

    • By the Industry. For the Industry


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